Ta-Lan: The Lost Lands


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Ta-Lan - The Lost Lands They say, that the world wasn't the way it is these days. One could walk freely in every direction he wanted. There existed a large city, a metropolis. It was the capital of a mighty empire. It's name was Ta-Lan, the City of Magic.
In its last days it was ruled by an emperor who yearned to become immortal. He mastered the three realms of magic like no one before him. But still he felt his body age and wither. As powerful as he was, he could just delay what is supposed to be unstopable. With his end coming soon, he became more and more desperate. The fall came suddenly when he tried out a newly researched spell which horribly failed. He unleashed incredible powers which were meant to transform him into a god but instead wiped almost anything living out by catapulting a big portion of the land into the chaos realm. Ta-Lan itself was seperated from the land and got lost in the chaos. But the rest remained intact somehow.
More than 2500 years have passed since then. The legend that the city of Ta-Lan might still exist somewhere within the chaos remains yet to be proven.

-- Common bedtime story
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