Sunday Aug 17th:
Fan Arts have been migrated completely to the link section.
Friday Jul 11th:
Improved search. The slow java search engine has been replaced by a fast php-based one.)
Tuesday Jul 8th:
Added Cinnamon (fan creation).
Saturday May 24th:
Mayor code clean-up. It is now pure XHTML 1.0.


Monday Dec 30th:
Added Megumi Kitten (fan creation).
Sunday Oct 13th:
Added Aisha Clan Clan from Outlaw Star.
Sunday Jun 30th:
Added Kizna Towryk from Pilot Candidate and Cali, a fan made, fetish loving catgirl.
Tuesday Jan 1st:
Only minor changes here and there. Mostly updated links.


Friday Jun 22nd:
Some more modifications here and there.
Added a bannerpage (follow Personal/Banners)
Tuesday Mar 6th:
Several modifications here and there. Nothing big.
Wednesday Feb 21st:
Search page is up and running (needs Java)
Some new Fan Creations
Friday Feb 2nd:
Some corrections here and there
Some new Fan Creations
Re-opening of The Catgirl Gallery


Thursday Sep 14th:
So you thought I haven't updated in ages, huh? Many new catgirls await you especially in the sections 'Catgirls in roleplaying games' and 'Fan creations'. Also have a look at 'Fan art'.
Tuesday Feb 15th:
Some new Catgirls (i.e. Josie & the Pussycats)

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